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There Are Only Ever 100 Founders in Dragon 100™

There’s never been a more critical time for the kind of elite business leadership offered in Dragon 100™

You see, most entrepreneurs don’t yet realize this, but we’re now at the dawn of a new business era.

I’ve predicted this change for years. But I had no idea how fast it would come.

And I had no idea how urgent the need for businesses to pivot would be. Especially for businesses that appear from the outside to be on the right track today.

Yes, I’m talking about the Global Pandemic. But this cataclysmic shift was going to come anyway.

The Pandemic Only Accelerated What Was Already Destined to Come

As you know, brick and mortar retail is dying. The traditional office is dying.

Those are what I call Business 1.0 businesses. As you know, those kinds of businesses have been on life support for years anyway.  Now the Coronavirus has put the nail in the coffin, even if some continue to fight.

But what you might NOT know is that Business 2.0 businesses have also been dying. These are the businesses that took advantage of the early Internet.  

Over time, these companies have turned into bloated organizations, heavy with infrastructure and massive overhead.

They sell products once to their customers. Or very infrequently. So even if they have assets, they lack the cash flow that can carry them through rough times. 

Which Leads Me to the Destination Smart Entrepreneurs Must Head for Now

Business 3.0

Business 3.0 businesses are leaner and nimbler. They take advantage of the internet as well. But they structure their businesses completely differently.


  • Use social media to drive millions of free visitors a month. They’re not reliant on any one platform. And they’re not reliant on the fickleness of paid advertising.

  • Have fully remote teams. Or at least clustered among different time zones. As a result, they get work done 24 hours a day. A work from home order means very little adjustment.

  • Have regular, repeatable, or recurring revenue. They sell to the same customers over and over. And they have high margins.  So, they have plenty of cash flow. Enough cash flow to handle any sudden economic downturns.

  • Have systems in place to scale big and fast. Systems that won't collapse under pressure.

Companies Who Adapt to Business 3.0 Are Built to SURVIVE Anything

The beauty of pivoting to a Business 3.0 company is that, if you do it right, it can scale as big as you like.

But it’s not just scalability.

Business 3.0 companies can also survive just about anything.

With small teams all over the world…millions of visitors from different social media platforms…recurring revenue and large cash flow…your business will be virtually indestructible.

Compare that to Business 1.0 and Business 2.0 companies who’ve been decimated.

Companies Who Adapt to Business 3.0 Are Built to SURVIVE Anything

The beauty of pivoting to a Business 3.0 company is that, if you do it right, it can scale as big as you like.

But it’s not just scalability.

Business 3.0 companies can also survive just about anything.

With small teams all over the world…millions of visitors from different social media platforms…recurring revenue and large cash flow…your business will be virtually indestructible.

Compare that to Business 1.0 and Business 2.0 companies who’ve been decimated.

How Dragon 100™
Can Help You Reach Business 3.0

Companies like Zoom and Slack are Business 3.0. Dan Lok® Organization is Business 3.0. And the Dragons that are part of Dragon 100™ are on the fast track to Business 3.0 as well.

That's what Dragon 100™ is about...working together to help you achieve scalability, flexibility, and sky-high cash flow.

Dragon 100™ is designed for those committed to building a Business 3.0 business...To living life at a level few may ever attain.

Limited to an exclusive group of 100 serious players worldwide, Dragon 100™ provides the unprecedented opportunity to network with other elite entrepreneurs and learn from Dan Lok himself. 

For the first time ever, Dan will be opening the “proverbial kimono” and taking you behind the scenes—holding nothing back—and sharing his years of hard-won business experience with you, in the hopes and expectations that you will use what you learn to create a massive, worldwide empire of your own.

What is a Dragon?

Dragons are not just business owners.

Dragons are visionaries, competent strategists, intelligent investors, fierce leaders, and daring enterprisers.

Dragons either dominate an industry or shape an industry—they are Category Kings or Queens.

Not everyone is made to be a Dragon—not everyone has the drive and commitment it takes to reach their full potential and build massively profitable businesses.

Behind Every Great Leader, There is a Great Advisor

In 506 BC, a Chinese emperor by the name of King Helu launched multiple successful attacks which led to victories and security for his state.

What made him so successful? His trusted strategic advisor—Sun Tzu.

Sun Tzu’s famous work, Art Of War, changed the philosophical, strategic, and business landscape for generations to come.

What does this have to do with you? Everything.

Businesses fail by underestimating the importance of strategy and appointing the right advisors.

Enter the Dragon 100™ Path

"For every level, there's another devil." - Dan Lok

“Dan Lok has one of the sharpest business minds I’ve come across. Listen to what Dan has to say, he will help you make a Quantum Leap in your business.”

Daniel S. Peña Sr.

The 50 Trillion Dollar Man: Founder of
QLA (Quantum Leap Advantage)

“Dan is a business genius.”

Michael Gerber

The World's #1 Small Business Guru World-Renowned Author of "E-Myth Revisited"

“Dan Lok is a masterful entrepreneur.”

Brian Tracy

Legendary Sales Trainer, given more than 5,000 workshops for more than 5,000,000 people in 83 countries

“$12 million in my pocket is what I believe I would have, above and beyond what I’ve made, in the last 10 years alone had I found Dan Lok sooner.”

Joel Bauer

Mentor’s Mentor, Trainer of 1,900 Top Speakers, Authors, And Entrepreneurs

"Dan is an exceptional leader, teacher, business mentor and a friend. He’s the real deal."

Joe Vitale

Bestselling author of over 50 books, and star of “The Secret” movie

“Dan Lok is the real deal. He’s got the infrastructure and the systems and the vision to guide you to where you want to take your business.”

Vince Del Monte

7-Figure Business Coach. Author of The Best-Selling 'Book Living Large', Creator of No-Nonsense Business

“I love that Dan is no BS and has inspired and influenced thousands of people over the course of his career.”

John Lee Dumas

Founder & Host of Entrepreneurs On Fire Podcast

“$2.2 Million Dollars thanks to Dan Lok…”

Danny Lin

CEO and Owner of Multiple Businesses in the Real estate, Food & Beverages Industry

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Limited to Only 100 Entrepreneurs At A Time - Apply to See If There are Any Open Spots

Dragon 100™ Is All About CEO Mastery And The Skills And Resources You Need To Scale, Grow, and Manage That Exponential Growth

As a Dragon 100™ member, we’re going to give you the skills, capabilities, resources and knowledge you need to dramatically scale your business to the next level. Whether you want to maximize the value of your business in order to SELL it, or you just want to dominate your industry and create a global empire, or anywhere in between.

1) The Power of Omnipresence

Omnipresence is the ability to be present everywhere.

The more messages and mediums you control, the more power your marketing will have. 

There’s no such thing as over-exposure in business. Being everywhere at the same time (or trying to be) has near-endless advantages. If you’re serious about dominating your industry, you cannot be shy, withdrawn or prepared to blend in with your competitors.

You want to be EVERYWHERE.

When you’re everywhere, people recognize your brand and when that happens, they’re more tuned into your brand message. Dan Lok is popular on virtually every major social media platform and has one of the most loyal followings on the planet.

As one of the most influential social media personalities of all time, Dan is going to show you how to leverage social media inside of your business effectively based on your business model.

2) The Reality of Preeminent Positioning™

In any market, the brand, the person and the business with preeminent positioning will always be the highest in demand. In this position, you command the highest price, you cherry pick your clients and you work exclusively on your terms that you set. 

Most people never reach this level.

For those who do, the problem is few will ever figure out how to sustain and increase their status over time. Even fewer entrepreneurs of authority will reach their fullest potential because they have never learned about the dozens of strategic leverage points to fully monetize in their position of pre-eminence.

The methods you’ll uncover are the behind-the-scenes strategies based on 100% of Dan’s own real life experiences. Once these strategies are laid out in front of you, you can choose and pick the ones that make the most sense to you. And you’ll be surprised—they’re not what you think.

3) The Science of Lead Generation™

Where can I find clients? It is very much the wrong question. The right question is: how can you construct a business life so that clients keep finding you?

You may have lead generation strategies that are not fully scalable.

You may have strategies that do not work without you being around. Or, you may have a risky reliance on one single source for your leads where if that one source stopped working, your business may stop running as well. To reach the full potential of a business, it takes an overarching lead generation strategy to attract high-quality leads across multiple channels.

Mastering this one pillar of the Dragon 100™ Methodology will guarantee a steady upward growth in your income.

We’ll show you the science of lead generation with advanced client acquisition techniques by putting clients through a critical method for creating scalable success called Personal Media Platform™.

By breaking lead generation to its core elements, you will see how to put it back together in ways you may have never seen before.

4) The Skill of High-Ticket Closing™

High-ticket selling is the opposite of traditional sales.

To be effective at high-ticket selling, you will need a thorough understanding of advanced human psychology and social dynamics. It requires you to have an attention to language patterns, sophistication in presentation skills and high-level strategies beyond simple persuasion tactics found in most training.

To further add to the complexity, high-ticket selling strategies are very different depending on the channel you are delivering your sales message. You can be selling high-ticket one-on-one, one-to-many, online and/or offline.

Each channel requires a different set of standards to maximize sales.

What you’ll get is a precise series of Advanced Disqualification Methods™ to attract the highest-paying clients in your industry and your channels of maximum leverage.

With this method, your clients will chase you as opposed to you chase them. After qualifying themselves to you, you can handpick the clients that you enjoy working with the most, those you can impact the most, and those that can support your lifestyle.

5) The Art of Scaling Up™

As your company reaches its goal, it outgrows systems and infrastructure.

What got you to $1 million can’t get you to $10 million. The system that a $10 million dollar company requires to function would suffocate most businesses at the $1 million dollar mark. The same is true of its leaders.

There are fundamental changes that every CEO must make within themselves to meet the changing demands of a growing company.

$1 million per year is a psychological ceiling and so is $5 million… and so is $10 million, and the truth is that if you don’t learn how to structure your business, your products, and your systems when you’re small, you’re only going to set yourself up for bigger problems later on as you grow.

The systems, techniques, and methods you’re going to get in Dragon 100™ are modular, and they’re going to work exceptionally well to help you to get to your first $10+ million per year, and then set you up for massive growth after that.

What Business & Marketing Authorities Say About Dan Lok

“Dan has done it, teaches it, and continues to do it. One of Dan’s great gifts is his near-genius ability to take something complex and break it down into a simple step-by-step system that anyone can follow. I am convinced that every business owner can benefit from his knowledge and expertise.”

Jay Conrad Levinson
The Father of Guerrilla Marketing Author, “Guerrilla Marketing” series of books Over 21 million sold worldwide; now in 62 languages

“Dan Lok is an exceptional leader, teacher, mentor and friend. When you read his words or listen to him speak, you know you are in the presence of greatness. Dan lives and teaches a simple approach to building a successful business and enjoying life every day.”

Dr. Joe Vitale
Law of Attraction Expert | Star of “The Secret” Movie | Bestselling Author of “The Attractor Factor, “The Key” and “Zero Limits”

“The one thing that has helped me grow my businesses over the last 8 years has been one person – Dan Lok... he has single handedly guided me as a coach.”

Charlie Cook
CEO of MedPB Marketing Consultant to Fortune 500 Companies

“Dan operates off of principles I’ve never heard come out of anybody else’s mouth. He will help you get better results than anyone else out there. I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for Dan Lok.”

Jeremy Haynes
Founder of Megalodon Marketing

“Dan Lok is a dynamic speaker and an amazing coach. If you are looking for a way to accelerate your business, take it to a higher level, Dan is your guy.”

Andrew Barber-Starkey
Canada’s #1 Success Coach, Founder and President of ProCoach International Inc.

“Dan Lok is an amazing gentleman that can just transform your life. If you have a chance to meet Dan in person or follow up on the internet, please do so. Dan is best in class. He’s a guy that will uplevel your mindset, your skill set and your wallet. If you are looking for a mentor, Dan is amazing.”

Darren Jacklin
World-Class Professional Speaker, Corporate Trainer and Philanthropy Investor

Apply Now to Become a Dragon 100™ Member

Limited to Only 100 Entrepreneurs At A Time - Apply To See If There are Any Open Spots

Members Get to Look Over Dan Lok's Shoulder as He's Expanding His Global Organization and Personal Brand

When you’re a part of Dragon 100™, you get to see all the behind-the-scenes strategies and tactics of what Dan Lok does and how he does it.

Dan will reveal his personal strategies he uses to achieve extraordinary results. These are the details that aren't shared with the general public or on social media—except with Dragon 100™ members.

These are the same techniques Dan uses to charge organizations for upwards of $100,000+ for a speaking engagement and $750,000+ per year for one-on-one consulting.

This is the first time Dan has ever “peeled back the curtain”… giving you a huge reveal of how he does it to an extent far beyond anything he’s ever done before, Dan's strategies are quite dangerous for the wrong person. In fact, Dragon 100™ materials are forbidden to be shared with others outside the group.

We only hope you operate at the highest ethical standards and will use these techniques for the power of good. And if you are at all squeamish, sensitive or emotionally conflicted over what you sell, the value you deliver, and the price you charge, then we encourage you to stay away.

Dragon 100™ is NOT for beginners and rank amateurs. If you read this and decide that we are not a good fit, nobody will think less of you.

We Don’t Turn Losers Into Winners. We Help Winners Win More.

We realized a long time ago, we can’t make chicken salad out of chicken shit. We can’t turn losers into winners. Instead, we direct our energies and efforts to helping winners win big, win more and win more often.

As you’re probably already aware, the more successful you become, the higher you rise, the less people around you are willing to tell you what you really NEED to hear. Your family and friends love you—so they want you to stay ‘safe’. Your managers and employees want to ‘please’ you because they are afraid of getting fired.

Your Dragon 100™ peers are not here to please you. They won’t sugar coat it. They won’t let your fears hold you back. They won’t believe your ‘stories’. And they won’t buy into your bullshit. They’ll tell you how it is. They’ll show you what you cannot see. They’ll say what no one else in your world is bold enough to say. And yes, they’ll give you a kick in the butt the exact moment you need it.

Some of Our Dragons Include:

Tao Technologies
Fabio is the Founder and CEO of Tao Technologies, which focuses on nanotechnology applied to medicine.
Keyquest Mortgage
Kenneth is the Founder & CEO of Keyquest Mortgage, helping individuals and business owners to compare the different bank interest rates on property loans. They also assist on asset progression and planning on the financials to acquire assets for investment purposes.
Media System Pte Ltd
Sylvester is Founder and Managing Director of Media System Pte Ltd, an audio visual system integrator. They provide services to commercial customers, like education centers, places of worship, meeting room facilities, in both Government and private sector.
Khaled is the Founder & CEO of Unipharma, providing foot care and osteopathy medical solutions.
Power Health and Performance
John is the Founder of Power Health and Performance and he is a holistic health and performance coach. He works with men, women, and youth athletes to their health, fitness, and athletic performance goals.
Rose Potter
Yoga Master Teacher
Ivan is a Yoga Master Teacher and the Co-Founder & CEO of Collective Creator, Western Lotus Moon, and Bloom & Rebel, a non-profit quantum consciousness and abundance academy.
Postal Unlimited
Courtney is CEO of Postal Unlimited, a well-established shipping center that provides quick shipping solutions mainly in areas where commuting is difficult.
Global Paint for Charity
Rony, is the Founder & CEO of Global Paint for Charity, a non-profit company in paint recycling. The company solves a real world issue, unused paint.
Siong Yoong
Siong is Founder & CEO of VALLARIS, a professional services advisory firm, advising government, private sector and not-for-profit Boards and Management across 16 countries.
Opulence Mindset Inc.
Scott is CEO of Opulence Mindset Inc. and he offers mindset and manifestation training programs geared to help people get real-world results using the "manifestation process".
iPro Academy
Fred Lam is the CEO of iPro Academy, Zero Up™, Water Liberty, and several other ventures, each of which seek to empower individuals with online business opportunities. Fred Lam started off as a dishwasher and worked his way up to generating $40 million in revenue through his ventures.
Adwizar Agency
Spectacular Smith is Founder & CEO at Adwizar agency, runs Spectacular Academy, and leads a successful musical career with his hip-hop group Pretty Ricky. Not to mention the 14 other businesses he’s successfully partnered up with.
Dental Technology Integrators
David is a dental imaging expert and Founder of Dental Technology Integrators (Dental TI) specializing in dental technology.
Kingston Lane
Sharran Srivatsaa is the CEO of Kingston Lane, a push-button technology execution platform for real estate. He also grew Teles Properties from $300 million to $3.2 billion in 5 years and served as the President of Brokerage for the Western Region.
Del Monte
7-Figure Mastermind
Vince is the founder of both the 7-Figure Mastermind and 6-Figure Coach Program; these organizations are designed to help entrepreneurs already making 6-figures scale to the million-dollar level, as well as teach beginner fitness entrepreneurs just starting out on how to get to their first $5,000 month in as little a 24 hours.
Board of Advisors, Inc.
Mike Calhoun is the visionary Founder and CEO of Board of Advisors, Inc. a preeminent mastermind network known by A-list industry entrepreneurs and disruptors. His clients include the U.S. Air Force, Google, Adobe, Microsoft, Cisco, and Amazon.
Vero Nail Spa
Tourya Amoury is the former AVP of the compliance department of UAE's largest bank. She is now running Vero Nail Spa in UAE and is known for her remarkable business ethics.
Mik Cosentino is the founder of InfomarketingX, a successful 7-figure business generating millions of dollars in revenue each year. He is now leveraging markets both in Italy and Dubai and runs a growing YouTube channel with 23K+ subscribers.
Patricia Bartell Academy
Patricia is an award-winning concert artist and teacher, online educator, media business coach and a motivational speaker. She has helped hundreds of students and business clients discover and develop their unique gifts, overcome limiting mindsets and perform with confidence and conviction.
Dev Gadhvi Enterprise
Dev is the owner and founder of Dev Gadhvi Enterprise. He is India’s first Passionpreneur Mentor and coaches others on building their business based on their passions.
Love to Learn
Tina is founder and CEO of Love to Learn and Tina Productions Companies in Thailand. Working remotely from home, she grew her social media presence from 0 to 1.1 million followers on various platforms within 5 years. Her vision is to empower women to be financially independent.
intellicon GmbH
Ralf Armbrüster is the CEO of intellicon GmbH, a German software automation business. In the German market, intellicon is known for over 30 years.
Marketing Genius
Fabio is co-Founder of Marketing Genius, which combines strategic positioning with practical effective sales strategies to help companies and professionals to position themselves as authorities. Fabio is also co-author of Allinners, How to Obtain Extraordinary Results with an ALL IN Mentality.
van Eeden
Print on Demand
Together with Tertius's business partner, Abdul Aziz Gool, Print On Demand is South Africa's leading printing company, leveraging the most advanced digital printing technologies available today. They were the recipient of GAPP Awards, the largest event of its kind in the world and celebrates the pinnacle of excellence in the graphics, advertising, printing and packaging industries.
Code 1 Maintenance
Jose is the Founder/Owner of Code 1 Maintenance, a global leader for innovation and excellence in aerospace, aviation, and space education. Since 2018, they have helped 400+ students get the certification they need to boost their career. Code 1 partners with the private sector and military aircraft technicians to provide courses and guidance for aircraft technicians who are seeking certifications. They have 17 locations worldwide and also offer online courses.
Make Money Organization
Tiziano is CEO of Make Money Organization, who has built his business, starting from his garage 10 years ago, to over €4M. Make Money Organization is the largest training company for real estate agents and consultants in Italy in terms of turnover, number of clients and training days, with a multi-year loyalty rate of over 60%. The company is also present in Switzerland and Belgium.
Omni Consulting Solutions
Shaan is the CEO of Omni Consulting Solutions and Leadership Development Consulting Firm, MINDSHARE LLC. He is a leadership development expert and industrial and organizational psychologist. Shaan is a speaker with a Master’s Degree in Evidence – Based Coaching, and his passion and purpose is to take the world by storm with his time-tested leadership principles, evidence-based content and high – voltage presentations.
Johnny Chen Media
Johnny is President of Johnny Chen Media, In the digital marketing advertising world, changes are fast, really really fast. Johnny Chen Media is a leading results-oriented internet marketing advertising company that focuses on what works today.
AOS Finance
Natalia is Founder/Owner of AOS Finance, s.r.o. and she helps women globally to grow their business. She offers multiple products, including a mastermind.

Do You Qualify To Be A Dragon?

Unlike many other business networks which promise “top quality” members and then deliver inexperienced members, the selection process involved in building this high-caliber community is methodical and targeted.

Qualified members will be selected for what they ‘bring to the table’ and it’s important that you’re willing to share your unique skills, resources and knowledge.

You must be the owner, founder or majority shareholder of a business earning a minimum of US $100,000 (Red Dragon) or US $1 million (Black Dragon) in revenue during the most recent fiscal year.

You must be willing to share your business successes and failures openly and candidly with other members.

You have a desire to give back to society and at the same time be involved in solving real-world problems.

Dragon 100™ is not—nor will it ever be a place to come and recruit clients or customers. Dragon 100™ exists for ONE reason only—to serve the interest of its members.

Dragon 100™ membership is exclusive by application-only or by-referral only from other members.

We are not looking for dabblers. We are not looking for mediocre results. We are looking for committed and self-driven Dragons who want a bigger future.

What if you were just one table away from the exact people you need to propel your business forward?

Whatever you want in business and life, you can achieve it faster by your involvement in Dragon 100™.

Here’s A Brief Look At The Application Process

Step 1:

Application Review: Once received, your application will be reviewed by your Dragon Advisors to ensure that all criteria is met. Please fill out this application completely with as much detail as possible.

Step 2:

Upon receipt of your application, our advisor will schedule an interview with you to further explore your interest in Dragon 100™.

Step 3:

If you are approved, you will become an official member and we can get to work on your business.

Apply Now to Become a Dragon 100™ Member

Not everyone who applies will be accepted.

The Asian Dragon: Dan Lok

On YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram Dan Lok has been viewed more than 1.7+ billion times for his expertise on how to achieve financial confidence. 

He exists in duality as both a celebrity influencer and venture capitalist using his combined martial arts prowess and business acumen to tap into the millennial mindset; becoming the prominent voice for self-education and business model innovation. He trains as hard in the Dojo as he negotiates in the boardroom.

It’s why he has earned the moniker—The Asian Dragon.

But when he arrived in Canada, as the son of a single mother at the age of 14 with no ability to speak the language, the thought of his online courses and video series transforming the lives of 1,000,000+ people in over 151 countries - never crossed his mind. It did, however, become his reality. 

Everyone tries and fails at something. For Dan, 13 failed businesses in a row almost crippled him. Rising from the ashes, his last attempt at entrepreneurship launched a global empire. 

The Dan Lok Organization includes more than two dozen companies all focused on one mission: elevating financial well-being globally by activating their wealth skills through education, mentorship, and strategic advantage.

The Founder and CEO of,,, High Ticket Closers,, and a dozen of other companies and brands, Dan’s portfolio continues to grow and he is currently evaluating acquisitions in markets spanning education, new media, and software.

Dan serves as the chairman of DRAGON 100™, the world’s most exclusive advisory board for entrepreneurs who want to create generational wealth in the age of disruption. 

A fan-favorite, Dan is routinely featured in major TV, Radio, magazine and streaming outlets. Dan is able to command as much attention on a single YouTube video as he does on FOX Business News, MSNBC, CBC, FORBES, Inc, Entrepreneur, and Business Insider. After an appearance, the response from the audience is immediate, consistent, and connected—he has mastered turning complicated ideas into consumer conversation. 

As an active member of Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO) and Young Presidents Organization (YPO), Dan surrounds himself with some of the most accomplished people in business. Recently, he was recognized as Entrepreneur of the Year and Executive of the Year, accumulating more than two dozen national awards.

The author of more than a dozen books, his latest one, Unlock It, is now available internationally wherever books are sold.

This X-factor visionary has set his sights on the unlimited potential of his future. Humble, humorous, and hugely impactful—he is setting this decade’s standards for influencers, millennials, gen-Y and gen-Z, CEOs, and investors looking to maximize their success and significance.

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